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Third Partners' Meeting

The EduMat+ third partners' meeting convened in Rome, Italy, on 8-9 July 2024, with full attendance from all partners. The agenda featured a thorough analysis of the coding for the first five mats, ensuring alignment and functionality. Key discussions also included defining the learning objects to be developed for the upcoming online training course, setting clear educational goals. Additionally, the meeting hosted a workshop on using Animaker, equipping participants with skills to create engaging and interactive content. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the EduMat+ project's educational impact and technological proficiency.


Second partners' meeting

The second meeting of the European project entitled EDUMAT+ took place in Florence on 11 - 12 January 2024. The partnership had the chance to review what schools developed so far in the framework of the activities related to WP2. Moreover, the meeting was an opportunity to carry out a workshop on coding that will be needed by schools to finalise the infographics mats.


Kick-off Meeting

Pixel organized and coordinated the kickoff meeting of the European project entitled EDUMAT+ - Augmented Educational Mat: an infographic puzzle MATS for learning STEAM by coding for primary schools which took place online – using the Zoom web platform – on 20 November 2023. The main activities to be carried out were presented and discussed, as well as the templates to be used.



The EduMat+ project is funded by the European Commission through the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme with the aims to to provide teaching and educational methodological supports to teachers for teaching coding and STEAM in primary school as an innovative tool to support and implement the teaching of humanities.